Australian Allwood Coppicing and Pruning Services P/L (AACPS) offers a safe, efficient and productive alternative to timber cutting in the form of mechanical coppicing, thinning and pruning that can be used with softwood, hardwood and woody weed populations.

Mechanical coppicing, thinning and pruning is all possible from the cab of our fleet of mini excavators using a unique, AACPS designed, attachment. This unique head attachment is the subject of an International patent application.

As an alternative to the current manual process (chainsaw), it offers a safer working environment, opportunities in research and development, local employment opportunities, industry surety (OH&S) and a more reliable service to your company who will be assured of optimum results.

Our "Track-Saws"

AACPS operate a fleet of mini-excavators with a uniquely designed chainsaw attachment for coppicing, pruning and thinning.

"Track-Saw" Advantages:
  • Safe & efficient alternative to manual processing.
  • Improved OH&S outcomes.
  • Greater Safety.
  • Happier operators provides quality, stable workforce.
  • Efficient and consistent productivity.
  • Potential to offer R&D work.
  • Fully air-conditioned and enclosed cabs.
  • TOPS and FOPS protection.
Other attachments allow us to offer value added services:
  • Buckets
  • Grapples

Track Saw Information

Services & Applications

Key services we provide:
  • Coppicing
  • Pruning
  • Thinning
  • Cut / Stump Spraying
  • Wood Extraction
  • Chipping
Suitable for:
  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Woody Weeds
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Blue Gum Coppicing
  • Fire Break Maintenance
  • Blackberry Thinning
  • On-Site Bucket Work

Contract Services Information

Business Opportunities

Local & International Business Opportunities

Exciting business opportunities exist to purchase our unique, patent applied for, coppicing and pruning head for exclusive usage rights in your country. This allows you to leverage our experience and equipment to build a lucrative business supplying services that have a unique competitive advantage.

We encourage you to contact us with your enquiry.

More information is available on our Opportunities page.

More Information

Safety is Our Priority

AACPS Safety Sign

  • Dedicated traineeships focus on safety compliance & procedures.
  • Considerably safer than manual use of chain saws.
  • Operators are protected from:
    • elements / weather.
    • wildlife threats.
    • heat stress.
  • All machines carry fire fighting equipment and trained operators.