AACPS Contract Services

AACPS supply machine-based coppicing, pruning and thinning services to the timber industry, the government and privately owned operations that have vast managed blue gum and pine plantations within Australia. We can also perform stump spraying using a spray head and tank, fire break maintenance, post fire rehabilitation tasks and other ancillary services because of the flexibility of our machines and attachments.


Coppicing, Thinning, Pruning, Pine-Regeneration / Wildings and Cut & Spray

Coppicing  » Click to zoom. Before Coppicing  » Click to zoom. AACPS Coppiced Stump  » Click to zoom. After AACPS Coppicing  » Click to zoom. Pine Thinning  » Click to zoom. Thinning E Rows  » Click to zoom. Regeneration (2R)/ Thinning  » Click to zoom. Regeneration, Before  » Click to zoom. Regeneration, After  » Click to zoom. Regeneration  » Click to zoom. Regeneration Control  » Click to zoom. Thin and Spray  » Click to zoom. Cut and Spray  » Click to zoom. Cut and Spray  » Click to zoom.

Coppicing - AACPS provides a cost effective, SAFER alternative to manual chainsaw coppicing through mechanised operating. This provides a sure continuity to achieving the necessary works for the customer, ensuring an optimum and SAFE result for your plantation.

Pine Thinnings / Wildings / Regeneration - With mechanised cutting of your plantation you will see optimum results delivered through a cost effective and SAFER means of thinning. This will eliminate the risks associated with manual works and deliver optimum benefits to your company.

Cut / Spray - This new concept allows you to cut and spray your stump, where in the past you needed two operators to achieve the outcome with varying results. This benefit allows a one stop cut and spray, with the chemical targeting the stump in a 3-8 second pass, guaranteeing the chemical gets to your targeted root zone. AACPS has all the necessary spray contracting licences in place to deliver you an optimum SAFE result.


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Whilst on site AACPS can provide you with a range of services, saving you the mobilisation and set up costs to get other machinery on site. Please consider these options to maximise your benefits as AACPS can provide to you a SAFE, cost effective, practical solution to manual labour.

  • Fire break maintenance and post-fire rehab tasks
  • Blackberry Control
  • General bucket work
  • Wood extraction
  • Woody weeds

Service Area

Contracting services provided Australia-Wide.

Advantages Over Manual Pruning

  • doesn't require manual operation of chainsaw (providing better OH&S outcomes)
  • faster, safer and fewer potential long term health risks
  • improved tenency of labour over manual alternatives which are uncomfortable, fatiguing and slow in progress
  • operating hours are far less dependent on weather conditions

Our Commitment to Safety

AACPS work practices, commitment to training, safety standards and the safety benefits that come from working from within a comfortable and protective cab provide dramatic improvements in safety over manual coppicing, thinning and pruning techniques.

  • Higher comfort means less fatigue and fatigue related errors.
  • TOPS and FOPS structures provide protection for operators.
  • Obvious safety benefits over manually operating chainsaws.
  • Operators protected from the weather, the environment and dangerous wildlife.


Our clients are made up of government deptartments, managed investment scheme forestry companies and private timber growers.