Business and Employment Opportunities

Business Opportunities

This is a unique “first of its kind to be offered” opportunity to purchase the coppicing and pruning head.

As an AACPS partner, we can offer marketing support, contracting support and general operation support and training. With this distinct market advantage we are committed to building long term support and win-win relationships.

Other attachments (including spray nozzle assembly and tank) are also available for purchase.

We encourage you to contact us with your enquiry.

AACPS has opportunities for international business partners who are interested in purchasing our unique attachments.  The AACPS attachment is the subject of an International patent.

Under this arrangement, you will have complete exclusivity of use within your country which will allow you to offer a unique set of forestry and timber services.

You will have distinct market advantages over traditional, manually operated techniques.


Employment Opportunities

We are an equal opportunity employer and are always on the lookout for quality employees, primarily as excavator operators.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining AACPS and you are hard working and reliable.

PLEAE NOTE: All employees are required to complete medical testing and on-going drug and alcohol screening.